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The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan The Slimmer Awards 2024

In Partnership With Woman’s Own on 5th October, Rutland Hall Hotel

It’s our 40th year, so of course we’re going big. In fact, we’re marking the occasion by teaming up with one of the UK’s most famous magazines. That’s right, we’re bringing you the Slimmer Awards in partnership with Woman’s Own. Not only will they be on our awards judging panel, they’ll also be asking their readers to vote for this year’s Transformation of the Year category.

Why Woman’s Own?

As one of the UK’s biggest magazines, partnering with Woman’s Own is like giving our event the red carpet treatment, with more eyes and excitement than ever before.

“All of us at Woman’s Own are beyond excited to be partnering with The 1:1 Diet for such a fabulous event. Our readers love reading inspiring stories about weight loss and so it is a great pleasure to exclusively invite our readers to vote on the Transformation of the Year category.”


       - Cher Heasmer, Features Director, Woman’s Own

The Details

Right, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what you need to know.

How to Enter

It’s super-easy, just get in touch with your Consultant, who will support you. 

When to Submit Your Nominations

You have from the 20th May until 17th June (4pm) to submit your nominations - so make sure you don’t miss out. 

Award’s Date

This year’s Slimmer Awards are happening on the 5th October 2024.


It wouldn’t be a celebration without a luxury destination, and that’s why we’ve chosen the stunning, lakeside Rutland Hall Hotel. With breathtaking views, opulent accommodation and delectable dining, we know you’ll be just as obsessed as us.

The Award Categories

We’ve switched things up a bit this year, including a brand new Wellbeing Award and partnering up with Woman’s Own for our Transformation of the Year award.

Woman of the Year

This award goes to the woman who’s done it all. Think huge transformation, a life-changing weight loss, and a healthier attitude to food. Not only that, she’s discovered a new zest of life, becoming an inspiration and icon to all those who want to follow in her footsteps.

Man of the Year

This award goes to the man who’s not only lost a life-changing amount of weight, but who’s also discovered a new passion for life, becoming an inspiration and guide to all who’ve followed his journey. From big physical transformation to a new and healthier approach to food, this is our man of the moment.

Maintainer of the Year

Lost the weight and kept it off for more than two years? This one’s for you. A story of how you’ve proven time, and time again, that you’ve not only transformed the way you look but the way you live your life too. This award goes to those who recognise that The 1:1 Diet is a lifestyle change, and that only through motivation and dedication you’ll make a transformation that lasts a lifetime.

Transformation of the Year

(Woman’s Own Readers Voted Award)

This award goes to the person who’s truly overhauled their life. It could be that you’ve found love since losing weight, and are now planning the wedding of your dreams. Or maybe your newly discovered confidence landed you an amazing job, doing something you could’ve only ever imagined before The 1:1 Diet. It’s an award that’s all about celebrating life’s big, and sometimes small, wins.

The Wellbeing Award

This award is for the person who’s not only changed the way they look, but also embraced wellness and transformed their health. Maybe you’ve been able to reverse your type-2 diabetes, and feel healthier than you have in years. Or is it a more personal story, one where you’ve been able to successfully grow your family after years of fertility issues? Whatever your journey, it’s time to celebrate how much you’ve achieved.

The Prizes

Ok, let’s get to the exciting part - what you can win!

Slimmer Awards Event

All shortlisted slimmers will get to enjoy an indulgent meal, an intimate drinks reception and an evening of dancing. Oh, and not forgetting an overnight stay (+ welcome gift) with access to the on-site facilities.

£1,000 CASH

Each winning Slimmer Award winner this year will be treated to £1,000 in cash. Treat yourself, save it, or whatever you choose to do... it's up to you!

Global HQ Tour

Slimmer winners will get to enjoy a tour of our Global HQ and factory, so you can see how it all works behind the scenes.

All-Expenses Paid Photoshoot

Yep, you heard us right. All shortlisted slimmers will be treated to an all-expenses paid, fully-styled photoshoot on the day of the award’s ceremony. This will include having a stylist, and a professional to do your hair and makeup. Your final photos could then be used for exciting nationwide PR, social media and marketing campaigns.

£250 Shopping Voucher

All shortlisted slimmers will get a £250 voucher to spend on a super-glam outfit for the awards ceremony and photoshoot.

Westfield Health Wellbeing Package

We know how important it is that you always feel your best, so we’re treating all shortlisted slimmers to a Westfield Health Wellbeing Package.


Woman’s Own Poll for Transformation of the Year

This year, we’re teaming up with Woman’s Own magazine. As part of this HUGE partnership, they’ll be asking their readers to vote for this year’s Transformation of the Year category.

Watch the highlights from last year’s Slimmer Awards!

Read All About Last Year’s Winners

Click on the links below to read all about last year’s incredible winners and get inspired for this year’s super-special awards ceremony.

Kelly Birch

The 1:1 Diet Life Changer Award

Starting in 2011, Kelly faced the challenge of alopecia, a condition that led to the loss of her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Despite these hurdles, she faced life with a positive attitude

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Emily Chappell

Transformation Award

Emily's battle with weight took a frightening turn when her health plummeted. A sudden spike in blood pressure left her with blurred vision and disorientation whilst walking her children to school.

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Hollie Alabaster

The 1:1 Diet Award

Life took a toll on Hollie after she became a mother. Dealing with post-natal depression and grief left her feeling empty, and she turned to food as a way to cope.

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Ollie Cooper

The 1:1 Diet Man of the Year

Meet Ollie Cooper, The 1:1 Diet Man of the Year. Ollie had a larger build since his earliest memories and had experienced a life intertwined with sports.

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Sharon Head

The 1:1 Diet Woman of the Year

Battling weight issues from an early age, Sharon's narrative resonates with many who have endured the cycle of overeating and restrictive diets. For her, food was a constant struggle.

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