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Hi, I'm Tracy!

Hi, I'm Tracy,

Hi Everyone,

Menopause came followed by lockdown and before I knew it 3 stones had introduced itself, my  knees began to hurt and I could feel my bottom when I walked and i had Plantar Fasciitis. I was also suffering with an Underactive Thyroid needed to get this weight I took the first step just like you - and wow, the weight just melted away, and it's gone for good. I still have an underactive thyroid,  but i  now have medication for that,  the plantar fasciitis and the knee issues vanished with my second stone and the best news is -  I can't feel my bum when I walk and that makes me so happy....I hated being fat and now I love being slim....


Love Tracy x

I offer in person or virtual consultations and would be delighted to help you succeed