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Hi, we're Lindsey & Terry !

Be stronger than your excuses!

Thank you for visiting my page, I would love to be your consultant!

I lost in excess of 15 stone & got to goal in 2022, the day before being crowned woman of the year! I have been maintaining ever since.   


I know it can be scary, but together we will do this. 


I truly love the 1:1 diet and believe in its ability to give people incredible weight loss success, for life. 


In March 2021 I hit rock bottom, at 31 stone I was terrified of not seeing my son grow up. Not to mention I couldn't do basic activities, even having a shower was exhausting! I wanted to live a long & happy life so I knew I had to change!



As your consultant I will be by your side every step of the way, to hold your hand, guide you, support you, pick you up on a bad day, shout about your success when you are having a good day & have confidence in you when you perhaps don't. 


Just think of me as your little pocket cheerleader there to spur you on & encourage you all the way!


I am a firm believer that your consultant is KEY to your success on plan and as such I will work with you to figure out a personalised support plan for you. If you need contact every day for the first few weeks then that's what we will do!


As well as personalised support, we will work together to tailor the plan to your lifestyle and what fits best for you so that you're able to achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and healthy way.


What I offer YOU

One to one support (no group weigh ins!)

Unlimited 24/7 support via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

Free advice, support and motivation

Tailor made plans to suit you

Flexible video/ telephone appointments - weekly/ fortnightly or monthly 

Free maintenance program for life

Extensive experience from helping hundreds of clients 

Rewards & recognition plus regular incentives, ask about my summer slim challenge!

I always stock a full product range, not just shakes!

Plans that include conventional food alongside tasty products

Fast, discrete delivery to your door 

No matter how big or small your goals are, no matter how many times you may have tried in the past, I know I can support you and motivate you to achieve anything

Finally got my life back!

Height: 6' 0" Time to lose: 18 months Time maintained:
From 31 stones
To 15 stones 6 lbs

1:1s Woman of the year 2022 & award winning consultant! Let me help you change your life forever!