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Hi, I'm Vicki!

Teamlite - Essex & all over UK

Vicki: I was VERY overweight, I had just been told I was PRE-diabetic (type 2), I was scared of Covid as I was SO big.  My life had become pretty miserable, even before lockdown I would AVOID those BIG social occasions, honestly, any occasion which needed me to dress up, my clothes were to HIDE in, like a baggy uniform.

Thank God I had the strength to fight back!  Having tried so many diets in the past I discovered Cambridge 1:1 and have NOT looked back.  With the help of my consultant and my TeamLite family, I lost weight every single week. I felt so motivated as I was seeing my weight go down and on my visit to the doctors after 3 stone lost I was NO LONGER pre-diabetic, I couldn't believe it! This pushed me on even more to reach my goals. I still have more weight to lose but I believe wholeheartedly in this diet, throughout 2021 I will be sharing the rest of my full journey with you #my10stonejourney.

With my life turning around, I knew I wanted to help others lose weight and importantly improve their health, as I have seen my own health IMPROVE (diabetes/asthma/arthritis). I trained as a consultant in October 20 and I know I can help you and support you though your journey. I understand the pressures of dieting and everyday life.I have lost 10 stone so far! Wether you have a stone or many more to lose I know this diet inside out as I have lived it , I would love to help you achieve your goal. 

CONTACT: Vicki 07771744464    

My 10 Stone Journey

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 25 weeks Time maintained: ongoing
From 22 stones 10 lbs
To 12 stones 12 lbs

Join vicki @Teamlite for a fun and fully supported weight loss journey x