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  • I offer free consultations
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  • I work from home
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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

Lose weight and maintain !

Hello, If you are looking for someone who's passionate about helping you to achieve your weight loss goals and maintaining then let me help! 

The weight loss results are fast and the plan is convenient and super simple to follow. I can personally recommend a step to suit you and your goals/lifestyle, I promise you will get 1:1 support from me whenever you need me.

I know the struggles, I've been there and done it myself, with a busy family life I put myself to the bottom of the pile. My health was deteriorating, I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and something had to change... I lost 7 stone following the plan and reversed type 2 diabetes in 2020 and I have been maintaining since.
I am so passionate about weight management and the stabilisation parts of the plan that enables us to maintain. I want to pass this knowledge on to you to help you not only lose weight but keep it off.

Come on plan along with me, and I will help and support you in achieving your goals ! 

I am a full time 1:1 consultant and I have supported hundreds of slimmers across the UK on their weightloss journeys.


•Award winning advice and guidance in weightloss but also through maintenance.

•No obligation intiial consultation to talk through the plan & answer any of your questions!

•Dedicated 1:1 support from me throughout your journey.

•Delivery of products via next day delivery across England, Scotland & Wales 

•Face to face or virtual appointments available 7 days a week. 

•Reward & Recongnition throughout your journey to celebrate your successes 

•Exclusive Whatsapp motivation group for my slimmers 

•Monthly Discounts & Incentives 

My slimmers are losing an average of a stone every 4 weeks on plan.

Get in touch either via phone, email, text, social media (however you feel most comfortable) and I will speak to you soon.

Contact me to get started Rebecca 07576 146104

This is me !

Height: 5' 5" Time to lose: 7 months Time maintained: On Plan
From 19 stones 11 lbs
To 11 stones 7 lbs

Lose weight and keep it off for good ! I will support you throughout weightloss and maintenance.