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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

You’re not just a number to me

I was always the ‘chubby’ one at school, the fat friend. My weight went up even more after kids. In the past I’ve counted points, syns, no carb, fasted…you name it...I’ve done it! Most diets, there’s so much to learn... planning, meal prep. I find this hard with having a young family and a full time job. I used to kid myself with the ‘just one’ glass of wine and I’ll have none tomorrow. Or the take away and I’ll be good tomorrow. Doesn’t work. I always thought I couldn’t do this type of diet if I couldn’t stick to others until I tried it... guess what? IT WORKS AND I LOVE IT!! I lost weight once doing this diet and felt amazing. I had some hard times and went back to food. I have been a size 18 and a size 12. I know how it feels to be both. I know how it feels to not want to wear something nice out, to find something dark that fits and to cry in the changing rooms. I completed my new journey after facing it head on and thanks to this amazing diet & my one2one consultant I have found the new more confident me!! The community spirit is amazing with Facebook and WhatsApp groups. I love it. I love you can work up the steps too so this is not to just diet, but helps you to gain a healthy relationship with food introucing it back in slowly and eat like a normal person forever!

In my first week I lost 11lbs!! 

YOU matter to ME!  You won’t be just a number with me. I will be on your journey with you. I have done my best to be the best consultant to you, to offer amazing support, countdown charts, badges and welcome packs and everything you could want.

With The 1:1 Diet support, everything is private. Only you and me need to know. Planning is removed and you just grab and go. You also have the option to add food in, if you prefer to eat a meal with your family at mealtimes. It’s just so flexible AND easy to stick to! 

Whether you have a little or lots to lose, male or female, there is a plan to suit you. Book your FREE consultation with no obligation today let's make you feel as fab as I do!!

I was always the chubby one!

Height: 5' 5" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 2 years
From 16 stones 7 lbs
To 11 stones 7 lbs

Get in touch today for private, unlimited support. Becky 07792 195 008 x