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Hi, I'm Nathan!

18 Stone lighter & loving life

My name is Nathan. Growing up I was always called Biggie but now? Now they call me SLENDER!!!!!! 

Throughout my life I was always the fat one. Being big was all I knew and all I thought I would ever know. But thankfully, I was wrong. 

Weighing in at 36.9 stone, life was hard, I had given up on the idea of living a "normal" life. Simple things that should have been fun were instead, painful. Catching a flight was emotional, people would stare at me hoping I would not sit next to them. I was wearing size 5XL which limited my style and made shopping stressful. Fun activities like theme parks were a complete NO NO as I couldn't fit on the rides. Life was full of restrictions due to my weight. But even worse than this was my deteriorating health. My doctor warned me at the age of 14 that if I carried on gaining weight, I would die by the age of 30. 

Finally,  at age 29 I started my weight loss journey and I can proudly say I am now 18 stone lighter! My NO's are now YES's! Life has a new meaning and I am making every minute count. 

My journey has showed me that anyone can lose weight with the right plan and support.  I know what it is like to be hopeless and scared due to food addiction. I understand the struggle and the pain. But with 1:1 support I can help you on your journey to the new you. 

Reach out to me today and make the commitment to a happier, healthier you!


One to one private consultations both in person and virtual

Drop off, Pick up and postal of products available

No consultation or joining fees

Flexible programmes for Special occasions, IVF treatment and Well Being

Extensive knowledge of weight loss and weight management with continued support once you reach your goal weight

Flexible appointments times in the Day, Evening & Weekends

Daily support and Motivation

Maintainance programme to ensure weight stays off free of charge

Free parking and transport links


Call me Slender

Height: 6' 4" Time to lose: 18 months Time maintained: currently
From 36 stones 9 lbs
To 18 stones

Nothing is impossible with the right support, trust me I know