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Hi, I'm Maya!

Believe it.You CAN do it

Take the first step to change your life.  Healthy Effective weightloss.

Show you Care about YOURSELF.  HEALTH has been front of EVERYONE's mind More than ever.   

F2F or CLIENTS WELCOME FROM ANYWHERE IN THE UK for Virtual Consultations WITH products DELIVERED BY COURIER.                                                                         

My story.:)Something annoying started to happen over the last few years since I hit 40.  Up till then I could eat anything and everything, - still not gained weight, even with not having the greatest work life balance, lots of stress. Then the weight started to creep up.  I had to do something.  I lost just few pounds shy of 2 stone in 2 months (over 10kg). I reached my goal from 10st 10 to 9st 1 and I have been happily maintaining it for three years.

The weight loss is all done through a nutritionally balanced meal replacement plan.  The fact that it provides a healthy way to lose weight is very important. The products are delicious, nutritionally balanced, depending on the Step (there are 6), the products either are to be used on their own or alongside conventional healthy food later on.

I do believe in this plan so much hence becoming a consultant. I have great understanding of plan and the products.  I am continuing to widen my knowledge daily in nutrition to help with the Plan that includes healthy foods.  I will take time to understand all aspects of your life, whatever your reasons are putting on weight, we work through the feelings, thoughts and emotions too.  I will give free ongoing support even when you reach goal and beyond. 10lbs or 10st/5kgs or 60kgs  whatever you need, I can help anyone meet their weight loss and health goals in great time frame, as well as teach you how to maintain healthy weight. Average loss 6kg/1stone a month.

Also I can convers in 4 languages with you: English, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak. And I speak Metric and Imperial-cm inch st kg.

Please call or text  or WhatsApp or Viber: 07760134732 or email for a free consultation. Premises W3 Nr Askew Rd Corner of Chiswick/ Shepherds Bush/Hammersmith/Acton/Kensington Free 1h Parking Avail 2min walk.


You can do it. I could do it.  Together we definitely can do it.  I will be there every step of the way whenever you need me, and I will help you to BELIEVE in Yourself 


My weight loss story

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 2 months Time maintained: 4 years
From 10 stones 12 lbs
To 9 stones 1 lbs

I’ll help you to get REAL results.Full motivational support on your weight loss journey. x