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My Services

  • I offer free consultations
  • I offer mobile visits
  • I work from home
  • I offer daytime consultations
  • I offer weekend consultations
  • I offer evening consultations
  • I accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Congratulations you have taken the first step in your journey!

I love my job and am here for you to help you change your life into something positive right now!! Hectic lifestyles, emotions and food can leave you spiralling out of control.  I can help you take some control back and work towards a healthier you.  We have 6 different plans to suit everyone's lifestyle 

I offer face to face weighs in at my office or deliver products directly to your door and can also complete virtual weigh ins and post products to you anywhere in the UK.  I can keep in touch over the phone, messenger etc so you receive the 1:1 support that this diet is unique for!      

A bit about me

I have struggled with my weight since I've been 12 and have yo-yo dieted most of my life. I was always the fat, funny one who made people laugh but inside I was dying! I hated going out and was paranoid about what people thought of me.  I always put myself down before anyone else could do it! I barely have any 'fat' photos as I hated my photo being taken.

This weight plan has literally changed my life!! I'm finally the person who has be fighting to get out of this body at long last.

Oh boy the results are amazing!! My body has changed shape dramatically and the inches have fallen off!!

This diet made me want to help others achieve their goal and I have been a very successful consultant for 4 years, achieving silver award in my first 2 months!!!

How it works 

 The vast range of products help you stay on track and the 1:1 support I will give you and the  results you will see will make your journey worthwhile.

I will be with you helping you stay on track all the way.  

  • Free 1:1 weekly confidential consultations (Virtual or face to face)
  • Motivational support and encouragement 7 days a week
  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available                                  (at my 1:1 office or in the comfort of your own home)
  • Private facebook/whats app support group 

I cover all of Yorkshire but I can also post products to all parts of the UK

Contact me for a chat to help you get the body you want and deserve!

Phone: 07738910663 


Facebook: @One2OneDietwithSarah-W

Finally I am who I want to be!

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 3 months Time maintained: 3 years
From 11 stones 10 lbs
To 9 stones 5 lbs

If I can do it, so can you!