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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I offer evening consultations

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Hello, I'm Sarah

iu buy.WELL DONE for taking the first step. I did and haven't looked back.

  • ONE to ONE support
  • FREE consulatations and weigh-ins

Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my life and I would love to help you achieve the same.

I had been overweight all my life and, although I'd tried a few diets over the years, the weight never stayed off. I started with the Cambridge Weight Plan 1:1 Diet in April 2017 and within six months I had lost over five and a half stone. During that time I went on a couple of holidays and attended a number of music festivals and still managed to maintain my losses. It's really important to me that any weight plan doesn't stop you living your life, but supports you in making sensible and healthy choices. Your wellbeing is key to keeping you motivated on your journey and enabling you to stay on track.

I found CWP easy to stick to, with clear and easy steps to follow and a wide range of products which were tasty and quick to prepare. It also worked out cheaper than my previous grocery shopping bills. There was also the option to incorporate food into my daily diet, while being re-educated on healthy eating and portion sizes.

Having lost weight and maintained the loss for a year, I fulfilled my ambition of becoming a Consultant, becoming part of an award-winning team.  I would truly love to help you feel amazing too; I have real life experience of the highs and lows of weightloss, so can give you lots of support and advice.  I offer confidential one-to-one support in my home or yours with no embarrassing weigh-ins and group meetings in front of others.  I am also available for support between our consultations to answer questions or just give you a boost. 

I live in Dartford.   There is on-street parking available where I live, and there are public transport links nearby too.  I do have a dog.  She's very friendly but can be shut away while you're here if that's your preference.

Please give me a ring and we can chat about the right plan for you.  If you dream it, I can help you achieve it.

I can't wait to hear from you.


I changed my life

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 6 months Time maintained: 7 years
From 20 stones 2 lbs
To 14 stones 9 lbs

I'm here to support you - just give me a call.