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Hi, I'm Pauline!

I’ve been in your shoes

On 1st July 2009 my life almost came to a grinding stop when at 36 I had a heart attack. That should have been enough to shock me and want to lose weight but although I knew I had too, emotionally, I wasn't ready and it's taken until now to get things right. Stress was the main reason for my heart attack, but my weight was a contributory factor.

Like many women I know, my weight had gone on because I had been in a bad relationship. I ballooned to a size 20-22 and over 17st, I was replacing love with food.

Following my recovery, I started yo-yo dieting, in 2012 at 14½st I met current husband, my weight increased slightly due to being happy and in love, I maintained this until 2014 when my husband’s and my own father passed away within two weeks of each other, due to stress, my weight increased back up to 16st 5lb.

In 2016 I started an exercise class called Clubbercise which I have been attending for the last four years which has helped my journey. In February 2017 my weight was creeping up again and it reached 14st 10lb and that’s when I decided to make a phone call to a fabulous Cambridge Weight Plan consultant called Laureen. This is when my 1:1 Diet with Cambridge Weight Plan journey began.

I just wanted to be a normal weight for my height, so after 3 months of doing the The 1:1 Diet I slimmed down to 11st 8lb. It's been difficult at times with some weight fluctuations but with the encouragement and support I received from Laureen and the well laid out steps to maintenance, I succeeded in losing the weight and in November 2018 I became a consultant.

In June last year, following a Heart and Stroke clinic review I had my medication reduced, I am delighted and so was my consultant. This is in no small part due to my weight loss achieved thanks to The 1:1 Diet. Laureen has become a close friend and is my inspiration. On my wedding day I was 11st 10lb and fitted into my size 10 dress, I’m now feeling fantastic about my health, weight and lifestyle.

Thank you everyone at The 1:1Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, you’ve saved my life x

My journey

Height: 5' 9" Time to lose: 6 month Time maintained: On going
From 17 stones 10 lbs
To 11 stones 10 lbs

First step is always the hardest so give me a call.