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  • I offer free consultations
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Hi, I'm Vivienne!

Don't wait to lose weight

Hi, I'm Vivienne!

I'm an award-winning full-time Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. I have a fabulous client base of successful slimmers and I'm so proud of each and every one, who are now maintaining their weight loss with one-to-one support from me. What's important to me is to give support that is tailored to each client and being with them through the difficult patches. 

 I can offer one-to-one appointments and virtual appointments by phone or video call, whatever you feel comfortable with. I work within a team of consultants based around Ireland so it means there will be always someone in the team to help you. I can provide the resources and make it fun to help you achieve your goal.

I help my clients to lose weight successfully and teach them how to maintain their weight loss, with my support.  I show people how to change their mindset around food. I’d love to help you become a happier and healthier ‘new you’!

After years of losing weight and putting it on again, I needed something that would work - where I could keep the weight off through a proper maintenance plan. 

Fortunately I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan.  I lost weight under my Consultant in Surrey when I lived for a short time in England and then I became a Consultant when I moved back to Ireland.  I’ve maintained my weight successfully for several years. 

I was so happy with the result that I wanted to share this amazing programme with others who are struggling, just like I was.  That’s why I became a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

I support weight loss through recognised behavioural techniques.  I know that we need to be in the right frame of mind to understand why we over-eat and to do something about it. This can only happen with the support of a Consultant like me, who’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed and to keep the weight off.

I'm passionate about helping you to reach your goal and to change your life. I'll be your personal Consultant who'll be with you every step of the way on your amazing journey.

Your consultation is free, so ‘why weight'?

Post and delivery are available to all parts of Ireland.

Make the right change with the right support. You can do this!