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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I offer daytime consultations

Hi, I'm Emma!

Want results? Contact me!

I'm Emma and I lost 4 stone* by following 1:1 Diet by CWP.

I'd tried the usual slimming clubs and plans but I never got to goal. My friend had previously followed the 1:1 Diet and it made me think this is what I had to try. I'm glad I did as I felt horrible in clothes, I hardly have any full length pictures of myself and I felt down.

The Plan really helped me! I was nervous to start with but so glad I did it and with the support of my consultant I did it. The simplicity of it was ideal-the most I had to do was work out what products I wanted to have for that day and the taste of them were great too!

The benefits I can offer you are: 

  • Regular losses 
  • Motivation
  • A healthy confident you!
  • Improvement of health
  • Straightforward plan
  • One to one remote or face to face meetings, no pressure of sitting in a group, you can talk to me about anything you want. 
  • Fantastic variety of products with new ones popping up to try regularly! There will always be something you will like!
  • If you want a regular meeting after you reach goal I'm here
  • I've been there and done it! I want to see you succeed!
  • Friendly and approachable. As much contact as you like via phone etc. 
  • Over 6 years consultant experience
  • Short term goal or long term goal either can be worked with!
  • Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp messages available for motivation/help
  • Remote appointments & face to face so wherever you are, you can do this! Flexibility of accountability!
  • Products can be delivered to your door or collection from me

If you would like to lose weight, feel better in a whole range of ways, would like a simple straight forward way to lose weight I can help. It's not just shakes, you can include actual food if you want! I've followed all the steps of the plan and can offer advice and support on your journey personal level.

I live in Horley - just round the corner from Gatwick. Contact me for more info on dates & times, offers and promotions! Also, if you're out of the area delivery is available, we can sort it!

Let's get ready for the summer of 2024 now! Summer bodies are made in winter!


Hi, I'm Emma

Height: 5' 1" Time to lose: 9 months Time maintained:
From 13 stones 3 lbs
To 9 stones

You can do this! It can be done! I have been there! Horley based and covering surrounding areas