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Hi, we're Susan & David !

Success at any age!

Free consultations inSouthbourne or I offer mobile appointments to your home within a 10 mile radius.

Hi, I’m Susan and I lost 3 stone* with Cambridge Weight plan at the age of 50 in 2015, and I'm still maintaining.

Why Choose Me as Your Consultant?

  • Do you feel like you’re on a diet treadmill? 
  • 2lb off & 3lb back on again?
  • More up than down?  
  • You know how to eat healthy, but it’s so hard to lose weight?  


I know how that feels too.

Around my 50th birthday, I’d gone from a size 10/12 to a size 16.  I felt bloated, frumpy and invisible. Nothing fitted.  I’d heard about Cambridge Weight Plan but I was a doubter.  I was also FED UP.  I’d tried many other diets but found I couldn't stick to them long enough to make a difference.  So, I went along with a friend and I thought to myself—I’ll give it a try! What have I got to lose… right?  Well, I lost 2 stone* in 8 weeks.  WOW! 

I was gobsmacked.  It was fast!  It was convenient!  It was easier than I imagined and I stuck to it!

I felt great & now I was a size 12 again.  In just 8 weeks.  A year later I became a consultant and lost another stone on the plan in just 5 weeks.  That was 3 years ago and I’m still 3 stone lighter.

Call me or text on 07979 605093 to arrange a no obligation, free consultation in the privacy of my office, your home or a place to suit you. I will work with you to find a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. Even if you don't know how it works, get in touch – I can explain. Don't wait or put it off – get started on the journey to a new, slimmer and healthier YOU.

I really want to help.

Please note:

  • No registration, contract or signup fee
  • One to One support is included
  • Free weekly weigh ins
  • Appointments to suit your needs

Appointments can be offered to fit around you during early mornings, daytime, evenings and weekends.

Forget the doubts - IT WORKS!

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 13 Weeks Time maintained: 6 years
From 12 stones 5 lbs
To 9 stones 3 lbs

I have a base in Southbourne or will come to you. (Charminster centre is closed)