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  • I offer free consultations
  • I offer daytime consultations
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Hi, I'm Vicki!

Escape Obesity with VickiC

Kindness, Support and Results Guaranteed. Based In both Winchester & Nationally.

Your weight loss or management journey is personal to you.  No matter what you want to achieve, I’m here to support you.  The recipe for success is a mix of the plan, ongoing support, motivation and accountability. 

I'm with you every you every step of the way.  You too will transform and downsize into the happier & healthier you.


Wanting to ...

  • Lose weight for a special occasion?
  • Get your medical conditions or Type 2 Diabetes under control?
  • Feel happier & healthier?


My Promise to You

  • No consultation or joining fees
  • 1-2-1 Weekly appointments held in a confidential kind manner
  • Flexible appointments available 7 days week at a time to suit you
  • Weekly measurements and regular progress photographs
  • Inspirational & supportive messaging
  • Delicious recipes to match your chosen step
  • The full range of Cambridge Weight Plan products stocked and available


Sound like a plan? Then, let’s start it today!

Book your Free, NO OBLIGATION, One-To-One Health Evaluation and Consultation at a date and time that suits you.


Commence your “Escape Obesity with VickiC” journey with our delicious, nutritionally balanced plans and easy to follow Steps.  Receive continuous one-to-one support, advice, care and encouragement to enable you to achieve and maintain the health, mind, body and confidence you deserve.


About Me

Having battled with my weight due long term health conditions, I had tried every other diet plan you can think of with little or no success!  I was in denial much of the time, avoiding mirrors or refusing to have my photo taken – trying to escape the realism of what I looked like.

Needing a hip replacement and a foot fusion, was what spurred me on to lose weight. Surgery would not allowed until I had lost 3 stone.  I commenced my journey with 1:1 Diet.  I lost my weight quickly and easily.  I had a few ups and downs along the way but never gave up, never avoided the scales.  I was finally accountable which was part of the winning recipe!

Transforming to dress size 8 – I have never been happier.

Contact me for the help, motivation, and daily support you need to lose weight and feel the best you can feel.

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It's time to Escape Obesity with VickiC x

My Transformation

Height: 5' 1" Time to lose: 3 Months Time maintained: 4 Years
From 12 stones 12 lbs
To 9 stones

Get In Touch Today! Let me support YOU with your weight loss journey