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Hi, we're Georgina & Damian!

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Hi, we're Georgina & Damian !

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  • Above & Beyond 2016 Award
  • Highly Commended Award 2016
  • Consultant to a UK Female Slimmer of the Year Finalist 2016
  • Nutrition Specialist Trained
  • Medical &  Exercise Specialist Trained
  • Part of a Multi Award Winning Team
  • U.K. wide appointments available 


Hi and welcome to my page, I struggled and yo-yo dieted for years. I felt unhappy, hated clothes shopping and social events and I was at a point in my life I needed to start living life and take control. I decided to give a 1:1 Consultant a call after months of looking at Facebook groups and seeing other people so happy and reaching their goals!

I was scared, but the 1-2-1 support I received was AMAZING! I think that's what helped the most, not having to sit in on group meetings and having a special connection with my Consultant.

After 20 Weeks I lost 5st*!, With the great results I got from The 1:1 Diet I decided to train as a Consultant and now want to help, support and motivate others on their personal journey, be it for a holiday coming up or fitting into that special dress, or if you are like me just want to lose weight and feel happier and healthier I am here every step of the way.


  • 1-2-1 Private Consultations (no group meetings) so you will have my full attention
  • 100% support via once a week appointments, more or less 24/7 support with calls/texts and Private Facebook group! 
  • 6 nutritionally balanced steps to suit both men and woman and  help you lose and maintain your weight
  • Great tasting products
  • Free ongoing support once goal is reached
  • No signing up fees

Losing weight doesn't need to feel like a battle you are fighting alone - I will be there every step of your journey, as I have been on every step you are about to take!

All consultations are held at:

Cambridge Weight Plan Centre Perth

NCOC Annexe Room 5
28 Glasgow Road
PH1 0NX 

Uk Wide Appointments done via online and products posted next working day! 

Please contact us for our latest offers!!!

If you would like a friendly chat before booking an appointment just text me your number and i will call you back,

I Look Forward to helping you succeed! 


2nd journey after pregnancy

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 22 weeks Time maintained: on plan
From 17 stones 3 lbs
To 12 stones

Contact me today to start your journey!