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Hi, I'm Ashe!

All my whole adult life I have struggled with my weight and yoyo dieted with limited success. You name it, I tried it and where I didn't slight on commitment I became frustrated and disppointed with every little bump in the road which kept me in the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating, my weight varying by a number of stones, never getting to where I was happy in myself.

It was with despondence and desperation I turned to Cambridge. I wasn't very overweight but in my own eyes I was, and I felt a failure. My biggest judge was myself and my self esteem was totally wrapped around what I weighed and how successfully I could diet. Thankfully, I found the Cambridge Weight Plan and with it, conquered a lifetime of diet disappointment and emotional eating. For me, the predicatability and speed of the results kept me motivated, if I stayed on plan the weight came off and the stricter elements of the intial steps suited my need to feel in control but allowed me the flexibility to fit in with my life. Invaluable to my journey was the one to one contact with my Consultant who challenged my assumed eating patterns and assumptions that I would never reach my target. Instead she coached me all the way there and beyond to a size and shape I'm comfortable with. By sensibly following Cambridge, I finally gained acceptance of my body, my shape and accepted myself for who I am not the number on the scales and readjusted my relationship with food for life.

You cannot put a price on emotional freedom and that headspace that has been freed has given me confidence to find a wonderful new job and to take care and pride in myself. I finally feel like the inner slimmer me has been released from the overweight exterior I've worn all my adult life.

I feel well versed in all the emotional and physical hurdles of weight loss having been through them myself and want to share with others, the ability to refind their true self that has been lost in the internal, emotional and physical battle that comes with being overweight.

All you have to lose is the pounds and think of all the things you can rediscover and enjoy for the rest of your life. It IS possible.

Why wait, to lose weight?

If you want to phone or meet for a chat to see if Cambridge is for you, please give me a call, a text or email and let's get you on your path to new slimmer you.