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  • We offer free consultations
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  • We work from home
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Hi, we're Tania & Dylan !

Change your life with my help

Gold Champion Consultant 2019 & 2020

Award Winning Highly Commended Consultant 2018 

If you're feeling deflated after lockdowns and a tough year.. Let me help you with all aspects of your weightloss journey, from making the first step all the way through to maintaining your new lifestyle. Let me help you be the BEST version of you and for you to believe in yourself again. IT doesn't matter if youve a few lbs or a few stone to lose, I can help!

How many of these sound familiar? "I live in jogging bottoms, I hide from photos (I have very few pictures of me and my daughter) my wardrobe is full of clothes but I only wear about 10% of them and mostly black, I dread nights out as feel so low in confidence with how I look".

What's great about The 1:1 Diet:

  • One to one support and a plan tailored to suit your lifestyle
  • Doorstep delivery or nationwide delivery
  • Virtual support any time (I am a FULL TIME Consultant)
  • The 1:1 Diet isn't just about meal replacements, conventional food is used on most plans, including low calorie steps.

A little more about me

In May 2013 I made a decision that changed my life. After years of yo yo dieting I finally hit rock bottom. I had put on a lot of weight, felt out of control, very unhappy and lost all my confidence. I avoided socialising and avoided photos like the plague..

I was dreading another summer of avoiding the beach and dreading plane journeys, I didn't know where to turn and just couldn't motivate myself to lose weight, until I found my Consultant and I didn't look back. I dropped 6 stone in 5 months*, and as the products provided all the recommended vitamins and minerals I felt fantastic!

I had so much energy and got my zest back for life. If you are ready to change and feel like I felt at my lowest then let me help you get your life back. I can support you wherever you are as the support is currently virtual via zoom etc

I am based in Cranleigh but I help and support clients from all over the country

07552 637220

It was time to change...

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 5 years
From 19 stones 7 lbs
To 13 stones 7 lbs

It's not the weight you lose.. It's the life you gain!