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Hi, we're Julia & Liam !

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  • Based in SK4, Face2Face and Virtual Consultations UK wide, with the NEW APP and Direct to DIETER, its never been easier!
  • MAY/JUNE 2024 - Are you  ready for SUMMER?
  • You have taken the most important step, researching the 1:1 and I would LOVE to help YOU!


I was a really sporty youngster, but suffering from a knee injury put a stop to all that!  But my healthy appetite continued, I was consuming portions fit for an Olympic athlete!

In my thirties I eventually had knee surgery but the stones had piled on. Having two daughters within 13 months, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, resulting in massive weight gain.  My girls are my world!  But was NOT happy!

Working from home I hid behind technology, but new opportunities in my role meant I needed my confidence and self-esteem back, I had to tackle my weight!

My goal - holiday in 3 months!

I DID IT! I lost 3 stones before jetting off, I joined in with aqua aerobics, I played with my girls in the pool, on waterslides, played tennis, water polo and went paragliding.

I  came home and continued to lose weight. I lost  SIX stone* which I have maintained for over 12 years!.  I share my weight loss journey with my clients, I love The 1:1 Diet, with my 1:1 support & coaching, medical research the results are phenomenal. My Clients see massive changes in their looks, mindset and health as a result of being on a plan to suit them and their lifestyle.


There really is a plan to suit everyone!

What I offer as a FULL time Consultant:

Fantastic results, proven track record of clients to GOAL

Weekly 1:1 consultations, Medical Grade Composition Analysis, measurements, recognition of milestones

Ongoing weight loss support beyond maintenance

No set up fee or contract

Supporting clients anywhere in UK

On-line booking system via FRESHA  https:/


Let ME help YOU to be the BEST version possible!



  • 10yr Service Award
  • 3G Incentive Award 2023
  • One Leap Incentive winner 2021
  • Top Level "One Vision Award" 2020
  • GOLD Champion 2019
  • Consultant to Slimmer Finalist - Maintainer Category 2018
  • High Commended 2017 - Business Building
  • Regional Consultant of the Year - NW & UK Top50 Sales Champ 2016
  • Consultant to SOTY Winner - Star Loser 2016
  • Above & Beyond 2015
  • High Commended 2014 - Flying Start

I have never been happier!

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 12 months Time maintained: 9 years
From 17 stones 11 lbs
To 11 stones 2 lbs

Supporting you 360deg with Medical Grade Composition Scales, Measurements & Me YOUR 1:1 Cheerleader!