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Hi, I'm Joanne!

If I can do it so can you!

Are you fed up with your size and unhappy when you look in the mirror?

Have you tried many different diets without lasting results?

Is your weight affecting your health or every day life?

The 1:1 Diet with Cambridge Weight Plan is different! It's time to lose that weight and KEEP it off!

My own experiences with weight may sound familiar to you. I was a 'chubby' child and have always struggled with my weight. As a busy mum, wife and teacher I never had time to worry about me and my health. When I cared for and lost my Mum to cancer I reached the highest weight ever for me and I was extremley unhappy with my size. I really have tried every diet available but never managed to maintain any weight lost. In fact as a yoyo dieter I put it back on and more!

When my best friend lost 6 stone with the 1:1 diet I was inspired so I contacted my local Consultant. After a few weeks, I was amazed by the fast results. With the delicious products and steps to fit my lifestyle I quickly reached my target weight and lost nearly 4 stone* in just under 4 months. I have maintained this weight for 10 years now. This plan really does work!

I am passionate about this diet and for 10 years I have to helped my clients to lose AND  maintain their target weight. It isn't simply about looking good it's about feeling happy with yourself and being healthy. It worked for them so why not YOU?

The 1:1 Diet is simple and easy to follow. There is a large range of products to choose from including shakes, bars, soups, porridge,smoothies and even rice and pasta meals! The products can be used as meal replacements or can be used alongside every day food. Each weight loss journey is unique and the plan can be tailored to meet your individual needs medical history and lifestyle.

  • Based in Norwich but can support ANYWHERE in the UK
  • Flexible appointments to suit you
  • 1:1 support between meetings
  • Daily motivational messages
  • Understanding of how the menopause affects weight
  • Couple and group consultations also available
  • Ample parking
  • Maintenance support
  • Before and after photos

Contact me today to arrange a FREE no obligation Consultation and start changing your life. With my support, knowledge and experience you can do it!



My personal journey

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained: 10 years
From 14 stones 8 lbs
To 11 stones

I want to help you reach AND maintain your ideal weight, together we can do it!