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Hi, I'm Nikki!

It begins with you! I'll help!

"We would often get told by our boss to lose weight, that's normal in the life of a dancer! However this time I wanted it for MYSELF! Thanks to 1:1 I learned new habits, portion size, to STOP emotional eating, not to hate myself for overeating"

I have now maintained a healthy body that I am PROUD OF for the past 8 years!!

My weight loss journey is quite a strange one! I was brought up eating the right foods, and dancing 5 times a week, I was a perfect weight. Until I went off to uni! 

Alcohol, eating out, pizzas, chips, kebabs when drunk, then hangover food! Travelling, not dancing during my year abroad studying in Mexico! I didn't recognise myself. 

I YOYO dieted while I started my dance career in shows in Mexico, Bollywood films in India, then a Bollywood club in Singapore, but often felt like "THE FAT ONE". The foods were DELICIOUS and I just couldn't stop stuffing my face. Then I would eat more because I was upset with myself! I look back at photos and wish I could've learned to maintain over those years, I feel like I wasn't me!

After this I said NO MORE, and I used the 1:1 plan to get down to a healthy weight. I loved not feeling hungry, the ease of the products, and the tastes! I knew it was a temporary "diet" that would help my eating habits for the future. I find the products so amazing I still have at least one a day which really helps my maintenance!

After losing the weight, I auditioned and got a dance job in the Dominican Republic and for the first time in my career managed to maintain my healthy weight I felt CONFIDENT, LOVED MY BODY, felt healthy, had more energy and carried on dancing til the age of 36!!! 6 nights a week!!

I have now stopped dancing to have a baby and I LOVE MY PREGNANT BODY because 1:1 made me appreciate myself. I see food in a different way (and I swear I cook better than restaurant meals! Even my husband says so!)

I will help you with no judgements, keep you motivated, help you live that healthy lifestyle! If you have ANY DOUBTS just message me and I'll explain it all!

I'm really excited!! Are you??

I've grown up learning about nutrition and diet as my parents have been in the business for 37 years