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Hi, I'm Lois!

This is the one for you!

The 1:1 Diet by cambridge weight plan is a great choice no matter how much weight you have to lose, a few pounds, a few stone or more.

Let me change help change your life.

I am part of an award winning team.

I have struggled with my weight for many years and I still struggle ... I tried lots of different diets and the 1-1 Diet by cambridge weight plan helped me to lose the weight, I used to be a size 32-34 & weighed 27 stone!

Why not contact me, I can help you on your weight loss journey and get you to where you want to be. I will be there for one to one support and motivational  texts to help support you.

 I’m based in Woodhall Spa & can cover surrounding villages I can also offer Direct to dieter which means I can be your consultant no matter where you live. 

Please contact me for my latest offers.


What I offer!

Free of charge consultations

Only pay for your products

In person consultations

Virtual consultations covering the whole of the UK

Direct to Dieter

Flexible appointments

Personalized level of support to suit your needs

Free local delivery

Full UK postal deliveries for the UK

Drop me a message & change your life.

I will support you on your journey.



As a FULL TIME independent 1-1 Consultant I can offer WEEKDAYS & EVENING appointments to suit you.

Why not live your dream and  and contact me today for further information.


Look at my testimonials these people have done it!