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Our Services

  • We offer free consultations
  • We offer mobile visits
  • We work from home
  • We work from a business premises
  • We offer daytime consultations
  • We offer weekend consultations
  • We offer evening consultations

Hi, we're Julie & Michael !

Health is your wealth in 2024!

Free full body composition assessment before starting - no obligations.

As a Gold Champion Consultant with 14+ years experience I have helped thousands of dieters reach their goals and maintain it by teaching new habits and relationships with food.

I can offer you the following:

  • Face to face appointmants at my shop
  • Virtual weigh ins UK wide
  • Ongoing daily support via Whatsapp/Email/Text UK wide
  • Next day delivery

I also offer:

  • FREE starter pack for all my new clients including lots goodies to support you on your journey
  • Tailored plan to suit you and your lifestyle
  • Stock full range of products
  • FLEXIBLE appointment times, perfect for shift workers & NHS Staff
  • Complete meal replacement plans for busy professionals
  • FREE maintenance weigh in's for life (no purchase necessary)
  • Regular client incentives
  • Regular awards and milestone incentives
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards

What makes me different ?? 

In addition to all of the above, I offer a full body compostition health check with my professional medical grade Tanita scale

I will show you what is going on inside your body with your cellular health with the following measurements:

  • Weight & BMI
  • Total Body Fat & Visceral Fat, 
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Metabolic Age
  • Total Body Water 
  • Muscle Mass & Physique Rating
  • Bone Mass


  • Gold Champion 2023
  • Shortlisted slimmer for Maintainer of the Year 2023
  • Gold Champion 2022
  • Gold Champion 2021
  • Gold Champion 2020
  • Go for Growth Incentive 2021
  • One Vision Incentive 2020
  • 3D incentive 2019
  • Bold, Brave, Brillant Award 2018
  • Shortlisted slimmer for Maintainer of the Year 2017

My 1:1 Diet Story

The Cambridge Weight Plan changed my life. The ease of the plans with the delicious products and 1:1 consultant support made reaching my goal easily achieveable. I, like most people have tried everything but this is the only thing that worked for me.  I have been successfully maintaining for over 13 years, whilst having 2 children within that time. It taught me how to have a good relationship with food and form healthy habits.

It's not just about losing weight but about improved health, regaining confidence and self esteem.

Contact me to book in for a FREE no obligation virtual consultation which includes a FREE Health check to see how our plan could work for you.

You have nothing to lose except that weight!

Changing my life for good

Height: 5' 6" Time to lose: 20 weeks Time maintained: 14years
From 13 stones 7 lbs
To 9 stones 12 lbs

It's not just for ladies

Height: 6' 1" Time to lose: 20 weeks Time maintained: 7 years
From 17 stones 4 lbs
To 15 stones 10 lbs

Let me help you transform you life