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  • We offer free consultations
  • We offer mobile visits
  • We work from home
  • We offer daytime consultations
  • We offer weekend consultations
  • We offer evening consultations
  • We accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, we're Glen & Alex !

GOLD level consultant 10y exp


Thanks for giving a few minutes to share why we should be the one to guide you through your weight loss journey.

Why are we different to all the other Consultants you've considered? Well, there's two of us for a start, so you have the choice of a female or male Consultant so twice the flexibility! 

We have a dedicated weight loss office in Stalybridge And also offer mobile appointments  in a wide area of the Northwest

Glenys - Over 10 years experience  and counting as a Consultant, after losing all my unwanted stones and inches and never looking back!

Alex  - As a Uni student I gain weight like crazy and found myself needing to change to a healthier lifestyle and that's when I turned to Cambridge to regain control of my weight allowing me to return to playing the sports that I love

  • Dedicated - Full time 7 days a week service that is there when you need us at our private home office or in your own home, you choose.
  • Approachable - We are very friendly (at least that’s what our clients tell us] and are only ever a call/text away. Our style is; nurturing and supportive, (but we have heard every excuse in the book, and tried some of them too!).  Whether you’re taking the journey on your own, with friends/family, male or female,  we will make you feel completely at ease.
  • Committed –We will always believe in you – Success to us, is people making positive change happen in their own lives and reaping the benefits.
  • Flexible – We offer a variety of appointment times, from early morning to late in the evenings, and weekends.
  • Understanding – Whether your losing weight for medical or personal reasons, We are trained to offer a variety of safe diet programs, to suite your needs and lifestyle.
  • Educator  - Being qualified CWP Consultants, We will not only help you learn how to lose weight and inches, but will equip you with the skills & knowledge to make the right choices, to maintain your new weight, and in turn, the new you.

So whoever you are, and for whatever reason you have visited our site, take the first step, and call us today- we're waiting for your call.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever!