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Hi, we're Heather & Mae !

Do it for you!


I know how hard it is to start a diet, the pressure you feel to be perfect, the denial of foods you want to eat, trying to limit social occasions so you don’t mess up! 

I know this because I lost weight using this diet BUT I also know…..How much better I feel when the damn excess weight has gone! 

The euphoria of actually being able to fit into literally any clothes you want!

The insane feeling of having control over something… best of all food!

The way you feel inside when you know  people are no longer looking and judging you because you are fat but are now giving you admiring glances and the occasional compliment!

The spring in your step due to the bouncing energy you have! 

How much healthier you feel!

How you smile and I mean really smile and laugh now you have confidence! 


So don’t put it off any longer! I am here to help and support you along your journey to that svelte body! 

I have coached hundreds of people in the 15 yrs I have been a Consultant and still love my job as much as ever. There is nothing better than watching someone transform their lives! 

I work from an office in my garden and see people one to one - or sometimes in two’s or three’s, usually once a week. 

My office hours are 7 am til 7 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday inclusive. All appointments are completely confidential and friendly. 

I also do online appointments for anyone who lives the length and breadth of the U.K. so you can literally live anywhere and still get my support. 

Don’t leave it another day, just contact me and together we can make this happen! 

You will feel amazing. 

Hugs Heather ??

Text, email, message or ring me today! 07787157305,, @one2onedietheatherw

This is achievable!

Height: 5' 5" Time to lose: 11 months Time maintained: 15 years
From 19 stones 11 lbs
To 11 stones 1 lbs

One Day or Day One - You decide!