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Hi, I'm Karen!

Just do it!

My first experience of a "diet" was seeing my mother on the floor rolling a Una Stubbs diet wheel backwards and forwards to tone her tummy: my second recollection was my diary entry age 12 " Oh my god I'm 7 stone 2 I must go on a diet."

From there on it was years and years of "starting on Monday" ( so I had an excuse to pig out over the weekend - because after all I would NEVER be able to eat properly again once I'd started) - and I was going to start.

I did everything, soup diets, attended classes at the local village hall, starved myself for as long as possible - kidded myself I was taller than I was!  Don't get me wrong, there were some successes - but always back to where I started just heavier.

The clothes I bought - always two sizes smaller ready for the new me: there was no point in buying them in the size I was - quite obviously, as soon I would be far to thin to wear them. How I welcomed the launch of eBay, at least I could sell them quietly again (unworn) instead of explaining to my gleeful thin friends as they left with another freebie (yes,another) pair of jeans.

My problem wasn't losing the weight it was keeping the horrible thing off. Horror on horror I had now been dieting for 30 years, was still too fat and it took so long now I was older to lose each pound my motivation was tiring.

So I made a phone call and here I am much lighter and still losing and still motivated. For me the problem had always been previous diets took too long so I got bored and unmotivated and then cracked and ate everything in site.

Cambridge Weight Plan  worked for me because the results were quick, so I stayed motivated, everyone noticed so I had to keep going and most importantly - I actually understood for the first time in my life how my body works, why different foods have different effects on my body and feel in control.

I became a Consultant because i was literally so angry I had wasted so many years not knowing these basics and wanted to spread the word!. Call me if you need a helping hand.

Never ever give up!

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 10 years
From 14 stones
To 10 stones 1 lbs

Life’s too short not to be the person you want to be