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  • We offer free consultations
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Hi, we're Sarah & David !


With our direct to dieter delivery service is great if you struggle to make weekly appointments or find it difficult to leave the house for what ever reason.

weekly virtual appointments.

  • No contracts.
  • Support & motivation 24/7
  • Free on going support for the maintaining your new healthy weight.
  • Plans to suit all budgets.


Slim, fit, healthy, confident, does that sound like something you dream of becoming?

        If so call me today and make today your first step towards the new you.


          My Cambridge Weight Plan story and how I lost 8st in 7 months*

After many, many years of failed diets I had got to a place in life where I never thought it possible to ever lose weight.

I tried to convince myself that I was happy, but when it came to clothes shopping I would catch a glimpse of myself  In the dreaded changing room mirrors and I would fall apart. I hated social gatherings, and nights out so would avoid them where possible.

One day I found myself where you are today flicking through the Cambridge Weight Plan website looking for a Consultant, it was then that I made the call that would change my life forever. 

I have also worked along side Cambridge Weight Plan and my local MP to raise awarness of the Impact that obesity has on the NHS.

But more importantly Cambridge Weight Plan has given me the chance to help 100's of  clients do the same,I would love to help you too.

 Let me help you.

As your dedicated Consultant I  will make every effort to help you achieve your dreams. It does not matter what size you are it's about trust, confidentiality and motivation - all of which I can offer you.

To book a phone consultation  or if you require more information, please give me a call, text or email.

                     *min order applies to delivery service.

Size 32 to size 12 in 7 months

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 7 months Time maintained:
From 20 stones
To 0 stones

New lease of life .

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 2 months. Time maintained: 8 years
From 16 stones 7 lbs
To 0 stones

Face to face appointments are great for accountability and motivation.