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Hi, we're Miriam & Michael !

Yo-Yo dieting stops here! :)

Hello there and thank you for stopping by.  We are friendly, supportive CWP silver elite status consultants who want you to achieve long lasting weight loss.  

  • Long term weight management mentoring support and check in. 

We are here to help cheer you on, helping you attain that weight loss you dream about, giving you tools to maintain what you achieve.  So, whether you want to trim back, or lose a lot of weight, we can support you, listen and reflect, so that weight loss dream becomes reality. 

Who are we and how do we work?

We’ve been successful Consultants for over 15 years, but are still fresh, have learnt a lot along the way, developed skills and knowledge, and over that time have successfully supported lots of people like YOU to lose weight and keep it off.

Michael looks after the stuff in the office and Miriam meets you.

Miriam says, ‘ From my teens I struggled with my weight , was fat and miserable in my 20’s and 30’s until a friend told me about The 1:1 diet.  I found it so much easier to lose weight with the plan and have kept it off for 16 years with occasional holiday blips and when the menopause landed!! when I use CWP to help me lose my excess. It's great to have something that I can use as part of my lifestyle. 

The difference for me from previous weight loss experiences ( and epic fails!) was having one to one support.  It's why we're called The 1:1 Diet, because that's what we do. We work alongside you, listen to you, motivate you and find the plan and programme to suit YOU and your lifestyle. We really want you to succeed. 

I had tried countless diets, none of them had worked long term. 

I'd love to be your personal Cheerleader, please be brave and get in touch and we can start this together. I look forward to meeting you. 

Call Miriam today for your appointment in Mainland Orkney. I meet folk at home in Stromness and then either remotely on line or at your home. 

PS. My before photo is not at my biggest I’m afraid.  I avoided the camera then like the plague as hated what I saw. This is from when I am about two stone heavier than I am now. 


No more counting peas!

Height: 5' 7" Time to lose: 6 months Time maintained: 16 years
From 13 stones 11 lbs
To 10 stones 1 lbs

My weight was lost with The 1:1 diet 16 yrs ago & it's still off. Get in touch and do the same.