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Hi, we're Jane & George !

I am here for you.

I care about my clients. I am your coach, you will get to your goal, trust me. My passion is helping you take back control of your health by losing some extra weight, enjoying feeling relaxed and most of all being happy. I had my wake up moment when I saw a photo of myself and burst into tears...I could not believe what I had let happen to me and decided I would do something about it.  If I could do this then you can, this plan is amazing.The Plan works, it has been proven for over 39 years. I am so very proud to help clients.  I share the joy of watching you move towards your goal.You can do Video Consultations and catch ups. You tell me what your goals are then we will come up with a plan that suits you. I take into consideration your lifestyle, family and your occupation. You are feeling challenged, I am there for you. You and I are a partnership. You are unique, there will never be another YOU.You deserve the very best. No charge for my support. Free consultation, all about you, friendly not judgemental. Complete support 24/7.  I give you what you want. Ongoing free nutritonal help with maintenance. Confidentiality, understanding and empathy. A full stock of all the diet products. Contact me for my special offers. Key workers/NHS/Emergency Services Discount. Contact me on WhatsApp, Text, email, Messenger, telephone. I will be by your side for weight loss and into maintenance. Feel free to call me and we can have a friendly chat. tel: 07904 171014  Jane .

I was not happy with life ...

Height: 5' 4" Time to lose: 3 months Time maintained: 15 years
From 13 stones
To 10 stones 1 lbs

George was delighted.

Height: 5' 8" Time to lose: 4 months Time maintained: 11 years
From 13 stones 7 lbs
To 11 stones 6 lbs

Take the first step, you will never regret it, I promise.