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Hi, I'm Rosie!

Hi, I'm Rosie and your life is about to change for good.

Do you think about your weight every single day and have done it seems forever? Do you avoid mirrors? Are you anxious about your summer holiday coming up? Have you given up on once-favourite pastimes and hobbies? Or have you got a wedding to plan for and the thought of dress shopping makes you utterly fearful rather than excited? 

We understand it all. And together we can turn it around.

The 1:1 Diet works. I have been in a privileged position over the past 13 years to be able to help men and women who are as good as missing from family photos, who hide under beach towels, who have declined invitations to social occasions - all because their weight has been holding them back. It doesn't have to be like this. No more.

You walk through my door and there is no judgement. We talk about what you want to achieve and set a date, working back with attainable targets.

It is within the first few weeks that I see a difference - a boost of confidence and belief as the scales and measurements alter dramatically.  

It is so simple; if you follow the plan, you will see a difference quickly. I will help and motivate you to get to that goal weight - daily one-to-ones if you need them. No extra cost on top of the products - it's just sometimes that extra support is necessary when you are struggling to break an unhealthy relationship with food.

The thank yous I get - from brides in beautiful size 10 wedding dresses and new mums, who were advised their weight was adversely affecting their fertility, and even parents who are just happily running around the park after their little ones now - are amazing and make my job an incredible one.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let's make 2019 the year of YOU! x

The greatest project you will ever work on is you