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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I work from a business premises
  • I offer daytime consultations
  • I offer evening consultations
  • I accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, I'm Joanne!

Live your best Life!

What ever you what to acheive, I am here for YOU!  

I lost nearly 5st* with CWP in 2005/6, and have never looked back!  My life is so much easier and fun since I dropped the weight ... I found the real me and a new passion to help others!

I know what it’s like to dread what to wear, avoiding mirrors, not wanting to attend social events, worring about what others think.  I had dieted most of my adult life, following various diets and plans, dropping the pounds then finding them, constantly yo-yoing, trying something new every time, promising myself this time im going to do it!!  Then I found The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, and with the support of my Consultant I successfully followed all the steps and reached my goal going from a size 18/20 to a size 8/10!

I want you to feel the successes that myself and so many others have felt, and the freedom to be the real YOU!

With 100% support, motivation, encouragement, we will celebrate every victory, no matter how small!

Time to change, I'll guide you! 

  • FREE Private 1:1 Appointments - virtual and in person
  • FREE Dedicated 1:1 Support
  • FREE Consultations
  • FREE BMI check
  • FREE Parking
  • I offer early mornings, daytime and evening appointments
  • Virtual appointments
  • Delivery direct to dieter for remote clients

I promise to support all the way and help you follow your dreams to the new slimmer you!

I have many maintainers, who have kept their weight off for years. Once you have reached your goal, you may come in weekly or monthly for a weigh in and catch up. It is this reporting mechanism that keeps you in check. It is the key!! This is FREE - I want you to do it. You alone CAN do this, but I'm here to support you.

I am based in Chelmsford and always available for a chat, so get in touch!

You can ask me about becoming your own boss and part of my Team with the best job in the world!

I found myself!

Height: 5' 1" Time to lose: 5 months Time maintained: 14 years
From 14 stones
To 9 stones 1 lbs

Be yourself, Everyone else is taken!