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Hi, I'm Barbara!

I'm Barbara. I've been a Consultant since 2006, so I have plenty of experience of helping my clients lose weight - and keeping it off!  My mission is to give you back that lovely confident sparkle you think you've lost, but trust me, it's still inside you just waiting to spring out again. I have helped hundreds of dieters over the years and I have had some super feedback - please read a few of my testimonials taken from a selection.

I have a lovely private consulting room and I am ideally located in Canterbury right near the hospital and cricket ground and you don't need to worry about parking, as I have a driveway. So if you live, work or visit Canterbury, I would be the perfect Consultant for you. 

Please give me a call on 07837 601936 or email me at so we can arrange a good time for you to come and see me and get cracking on creating the new you!