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  • We offer free consultations
  • We work from home
  • We work from a business premises
  • We offer daytime consultations
  • We offer weekend consultations
  • We offer evening consultations
  • We accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, we're Eileen & Bryan !

Live with Passion and Purpose


Hi i'm Eileen

Well Done for taking the 1st steps to making a change.

Whatever your reason 'Why' I am here to be your friendly support and tailor the plan to work for you.

Both myself and my husband Bryan along with thousands of others, have successfully done the diet and maintain our weight easily.  I am always here to give you one-one support, to motivate and inspire you to get to where you want to be be.  I understand where you are right now and how much finally want to lose that weight and more importantly, make sure it stays away.

The simplicity of the Plan, the great tasting food products, the flexibility to include conventional food and most of all, that I get to meet and help so many people  to achieve your goals.

If you are thinking about getting started wth the 1-1 Diet and would like to know more, please get in contact.   Sometimes life is just so busy, maybe you are further away, I offer postal deliveries, so getting prodcts and fitting the diet around your life is that much easier.  I would love to have a chat with you.

You are welcome to bring someone along for support.  

My Commitment to you:

  • This is your weight loss journey and I want YOU to be successful.
  • Free 30 minute 1:1 appointment
  • Full range of stock for you to choose from
  • Evening/Morning/weekend Appointments
  • Video Appointments  
  • Full support with WhatsApp or Text
  • Group Client Zoom support meetings
  • Long term support for all management clients
  • Nationwide deliveries
  • Opportunity to join my Team

You are welcome to come to my home Clinic.  Delivery Location is not a problem. I can post products to your address, field virtual consultations, coaching sessions or social distance consultations at your home, office, coffee shop, whichever is convenient for you.

Please click on the Facebook icon above to see reviews and recommendations on my Facebook page,Instagram and Linkedin.

Contact me to discuss details of how to get started on this life changing journey.



Elite Gold Consultant

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 8 weeks Time maintained: 5 years
From 11 stones 9 lbs
To 9 stones 6 lbs

Diamond Consultant

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 8 weeks Time maintained: 5 years
From 11 stones 9 lbs
To 9 stones 6 lbs

Here to Help and Mentor YOU