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Wedding Weight Worries Grip UK Post Lockdown

Weddings have always been stressful for those involved, but especially a post pandemic wedding. After an initial celebration of the restrictions being lifted on the number of guests at UK weddings, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling anxious shortly after.

New research commissioned by The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, which involved more than 2,000 members of the public, has revealed that two thirds (66%) of brides, grooms and guests are concerned about their weight after lockdown.

The survey found that we Brits lack confidence in our appearance. Nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of people attending a wedding this year feel nervous they will not look their best because of weight gain.

A fifth (19 per cent) say their weight makes them feel self-conscious about how they’ll look to other people. And a third (36 per cent) of all adults feel that friends and family members judge those who have put on weight during lockdown.

One in eight (13 per cent) of people attending a wedding are now concerned their outfit or dress may not fit because of weight gain. While 12 per cent are “very concerned” about their weight, with some even considering not going to someone’s big day because they don’t feel good about themselves.

Currently, confidence is lowest among women, with 24 per cent of them and 11 per cent of men admitting to feeling “really self-conscious” about how they look to other people.

Twenty-five to 34 year olds are the most likely to describe themselves as being “extremely unhappy with their appearance”, while body positivity is highest among people aged 65 and over. It is therefore more important than ever that we support each other as we return to normal life so that we can feel our best and celebrate these special moments.

Mark Gilbert, nutritionist at The 1:1 Diet, said: “With the cap on wedding numbers lifting across the country, now is the time for many people to be giving serious thought to the way they look and feel ahead of the big day. We want to help brides and grooms really live the ‘happy’ couple experience and feel at their very best along with their guests.

“It has been a stressful time for wedding planning over the past year, and it is understandable that many will have reached for things that bring them comfort. Now is the time for healthy and sustainable goals to improve health and lifestyle. For anyone celebrating this year, for themselves or for someone else, we wish them a truly wonderful day.”

Personal stylist Lisa Talbot shares her advice for brides: “What you wear on your big day should make you feel good and fill you with confidence. I recommend choosing a dress with a batwing sleeve, which is perfect for creating shape without clinging on the tummy, or a dress that falls on the narrowest part of the calf for a flattering, slimming effect.’’

For wedding guests, Lisa continues: “A dress really is the ‘unsung hero’ of the wardrobe and there are so many great styles available this season. An empire line dress will give structure to your upper body and drops from just below the bust. This is incredibly flattering, highlighting your narrowest area. Or as an alternative maybe try a shift dress, which can be paired with accessories to create a defined torso to still create a lovely silhouette.”

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