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This Plan is a life saver and I’m no longer a fat guy

The 1:1 Diet Man of the Year Award Winner 2019

“It was in my 20s when things started to spiral out of control. I developed an eating habit I had seen as normal, but denied it was binge eating.

“I split up from my wife in 2010 and things got worse. I felt down and didn’t realise I had bad depression.

“As I got fatter, it got worse. I was a comfort eater and used to sneak food into my parents’ house, bingeing like a mad man.

“I would go to big boy shops for clothes, then even those became out of the question and I had to order online.

“I ballooned up to an 8XL shirt size, 70” waist and 35 stone 11lbs in weight. I found it hard to do easy, everyday things like walking or tying my shoelaces.

“One of the worst things was buying two airline tickets just for me to America, and even out there I was classed as massive.

“My ex-wife, Suzanne, are still best friends and she’d lost a phenomenal amount of weight and looked awesome.

“She had been busting my chops (in a nice way as she was concerned about me) about starting The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

“But me being me, nope, I wouldn’t do it. Suzanne said she would help me, as she had become a Consultant. I decided to give it a go.

“Sure, it took a wee while since my GP wanted some info, then referred me to a dietician before I got the go ahead and started on Plan. I have never looked back!

“I started on the Red2+ milk option on July 10, 2018, and I thought if I could lose five stone in a year I’d be over the moon.

“I kinda blew that out of the water. Cripes, I even joined a gym!

“The Plan was magnificent and worked amazingly, especially with all the support from Suzanne and the wider 1:1 Diet community.

“As the weight kept falling off, the benefits became clear. I can walk further and even signed up for a 10K race in September.

“The milestones came and went: five stone, 10st, 15st, and then on my year anniversary of starting Plan, I hit 17st loss.

“I have either thrown out or donated 10 black bags worth of clothes to charity so far and regained my confidence.

“Most importantly, I don’t need my anti-depressant medication. I’ve started to love myself again and have even started to date.

“This diet has changed my life for the better. It has changed me beyond recognition (seriously people walk by me now as they don’t recognise me) and I owe this Plan everything. It has given me a new purpose and new love of life.”

Man of the Year Winner 2019