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The 1:1 Diet Shines Bright at DSA Stars Awards at Radisson Blu EMA

On Thursday 21 September, The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan along with other leaders in the industry, were invited to the Direct Selling Association’s Stars of Direct Selling Awards 2023.

These awards acknowledge and celebrate excellence in direct selling with a little bit of glitz and glamour. Because, why not?!

This year we were extremely proud to have nominees in four separate categories:Direct Selling Social Seller of the Year, Direct Selling Community Star of the Year, DSA Direct Seller of the Year and DSA Direct Seller of the Year Ireland.

It was a clean sweep for The 1:1 Diet with a winner in each category! This is testament to the incredible dedication, determination and consistency shown day in day out by our amazing Consultants. To have nominees in four categories is an achievement in itself. To havea winner in four categories, is superb.

Maria Simpson was the winner of the DSA Social Seller of the Year. This award recognises a direct seller who has truly embraced social selling - both online and offline. Maria's drive to succeed stems from her desire to support her family, while also being a present mum.

Maria said, 'Alongside the flexibility and financial freedom to be able to have some amazing holidays and days out together as a family, the time this business has given me throughout their early years in education I will eternally be grateful for.'

Lisa Maidment was awarded winner of the DSA Community Star of the Year. Lisa received this award for her efforts in making a difference in her community by dedicating her time and support alongside her direct selling business. Lisa runs a charity alongside her thriving The 1:1 Diet business.

She said, 'I just love my business, and the flexibility of it has enabled me to run my charity without impacting my earnings and ability to fully support my family.

Gemma Renwick was crowned this year’s DSA Direct Seller of the Year for The 1:1 Diet UK, Gemma was nominated for this award because it recognizes the direct seller who is an award-winning seller and epitomizes the industry. Through being a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet, Gemma has been able to take her family on incredible holidays, set her children up with savings, overpaid on the mortgage, and is on track to be mortgage-free before she and her husband turn 50. Incredible!

In her words, 'It's been incredibly life-changing in so many ways, and I thank my lucky stars I decided to lose weight all those years ago and give this business a go.'

Auntie and niece duo Carol and Tracy Cotter were the winners of the DSA Direct Sellers of the Year for The 1:1 Diet Ireland. Carol and Tracy were nominated for this award because they are an inspiring pair and demonstrate the true and endless benefits of the DSA industry.        Carol and Tracy are fantastic ambassadors of The 1:1 Diet and the DSA industry and make working in partnership look so easy. They seamlessly play to each other’s strengths, and in doing so, demonstrate that regardless of background, age, personality, or experience, direct selling can work for you!

Carol and Tracy said, 'Direct selling is a great opportunity for anyone who cannot commit to regular rigid employment or wants additional income.'

A very successful day at the DSA Stars of Direct selling awards for The 1:1 Diet. Congratulations to all the deserving winners.