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Super Star Consultant, Gemma Renwick’s Recipe for Success

It's International Women's Day on 8th March so we're celebrating with Gemma Renwick’s dieter come-business woman success story. She is an award-winning Consultant who lost three stone on Plan and was so impressed with the diet she became a full-time Consultant running her own successful business. 

“It was a win-win situation. With a busy lifestyle I realised that working for myself would give me the flexibility and freedom to be master of my own destiny.”

“I had my first child in 2013 and wanted to lose my baby weight. I lost three stone on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and have maintained my weight ever since.

“It took me two-and-a-half months to reach my goal, and I became a Consultant in June year 2013. I got married in August 2013, which was another reason I wanted to lose weight.

“The first three to four years, I wanted to keep the business small. The flexible working hours meant I could still keep my permanent job but grow my client-base. It also helped pay for a few luxuries.  

“I left my permanent job and become a full-time Consultant, building my business. I then fell pregnant with my second child and saw my clients one day a month while on maternity leave.

“This was a lightbulb moment. I could condense my time but see more people, over maybe one to two days a week. I then built up a client-base of fifty to sixty, which I could see two days a week.  I only had to pay for two days child care rather than five. I grew the team by twenty people over the year.”

With a truly can-do attitude and a great work ethic, Gemma soon built a team of over thirty and has won many The 1:1 Diet Consultant awards..

She’s also had a series of successful slimmer’s win awards at The 1:1 Diet Slimmer Awards, a testament to her commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals.

In 2018 Gemma opened her own office and shares it with four other people from her team. Dieters have access to her team seven days a week so there’s always help at hand whenever advice and support is needed.

Gemma said, “I earn a full-time wage, working part-time hours. I work with amazing, kind-hearted and inspirational people and truly the best company in world. I get to take my kids to school and pick them up every day.

“I also get to enjoy amazing holidays every year with my family. What more could a mum want? Oh, and being my own boss means I can choose to have my business meetings at the spa!”

She helped one slimmer, Evie Thomas, fit into her perfect wedding dress, reaching her dream weight for her wedding day.

Evie said, “Gemma made me feel at ease straightaway and told me everything about The 1:1 Diet. She was so calm and informative. Every meeting since has been just as good; she helped keep on track for my wedding. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Gemma’s help. She’s like a friend and a Consultant.”

Gemma is proud of Evie’s achievements and said, “She’s now joined my team as a Consultant herself and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Gemma has been consistently on top of her game and continues to grow her business.

Gemma’s success story is just one example of how becoming a Consultant for the diet, can lead to a whole new career opportunity.  

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