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Slimmer turns life around with reversal of type 2 diabetes symptoms

Having been overweight for 30 years, newly-married Faye Gillies felt she no longer needed to impress anyone and turned to overeating.

Now 57 year-old Faye is celebrating after not only losing an incredible seven stone in weight, but also reversing her symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

 “When I first started cooking for my husband and I, my portion sizes began to grow, and the more weight I put on, the more I wanted to eat,” said Faye.

“My husband used to work late while I stayed at home watching TV, and my family also moved away. I sought comfort in food, which resulted in even more weight gain.

“At 21st 8lbs, my health started to suffer. With high blood pressure, increased joint pain, low stamina and trouble breathing, I developed type 2 diabetes and found myself having to take 11 tablets a day.

“After many failed attempts at various diets, hypnotism and medical aids, my friend, who also suffered with the same condition, suggested I try The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, having had success on it himself.

“I was extremely nervous about my first consultation, but meeting my Consultant, Kimberley Nixon, was like meeting my guardian angel.

“Any worries immediately disappeared, and Kimberley’s support was vital to my weight loss success. Day or night, Kimberley was on hand to offer help whenever needed – she even sent me encouraging text messages each day when I was struggling.

“In just six months, I had lost an incredible seven stone, but was celebrating far more than that, having successfully reversed my type 2 diabetes symptoms and high blood pressure.

“Not only has the weight dropped off me, my confidence has been restored and I am 100 per cent happier! I have more energy and now walk my dog, Luna, before work every day – something I would never have dreamed of doing before my weight loss.”

Faye became a The 1:1 Diet Consultant herself in November 2018 and is on a mission to inspire people throughout their weight loss journeys, taking everything she learnt from Kimberley.

“I am now extremely excited for the future and can’t wait for the rest of my life!”

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