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Woman Loses Over 5 Stone & Becomes Unrecognisable to Her Colleagues!

Liskeard-based Claire Conn is celebrating a five stone three pounds weight loss transformation with The 1:1 Diet, and became unrecognisable to her colleagues when she returned to the office.

The 55-year-old accountant and mother of three Claire, used the COVID-19 pandemic as a time to make a change, knowing the challenges which lay ahead when she drove home before the first lockdown last spring.

Claire said: “Working at home all day, constantly by the fridge and surrounded by temptation, I was worried that my weight would spiral during lockdown.

“Despite having always followed a fairly healthy lifestyle, my weight had fluctuated over the years. Between marriage, having my children, and some health issues which required me to take steroids, my weight had risen to more than 18 stone at the start of lockdown.

“You hear how going through the menopause effects a woman’s weight. Being at this stage in life was definitely an additional push for me to get my weight under control.”

That’s when Claire made the decision to contact her friend and local The 1:1 Diet Consultant, Karen.

“I’d been on The 1:1 Diet previously, which is how I met Karen, and I knew that it not only worked for me, but also suited my lifestyle.

“I have enough to think about and the convenience of this Plan just really works for me. I know exactly what I’m having day by day, and with such a large range of weight loss shakes, bars, soups, meals and more, there’s always a variety to keep you on track.

“Although it was a little different this time round, given the restrictions of lockdown, I still felt 100 per cent supported by Karen.”

Claire was part of the Lockdown Warriors group set up by Karen last spring.  The group gave slimmers and their Consultants a chance to support one another along their journeys.

“The group was such a positive place and outlet for us all,” said Claire. “Whenever you were struggling, chances were someone else was in the same boat, and you could get through it together.

“People were at different stages of their journey, but that would inspire you to keep going.

“It really was such a positive for me during lockdown 1.0.”

In only five months, Claire had lost a total of five stone three pounds, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“After an extended period, when we finally started to return to the office, my colleagues couldn’t believe the difference. Every time they walked past, they kept forgetting it was me!

“My family have been so supportive too. My kids made me a milkshake mountain and they added a pound to it for every one that I lost. It’s great to be able to see your progress and realise just what you’ve achieved.

“I keep trying on old clothes from my wardrobe which now fit me – it’s such a great feeling!”

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