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Renee’s feeling re-energised after an amazing three stone weight loss

Renee Bailey plucked up the courage to join The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan following an innocent remark made by her young daughter during her school’s sports day.

Renee has lost more than three stone over six months and is now working towards maintaining her loss. She feels healthier and more confident doing activities she wasn’t able to do previously.

“I started to gain weight in primary school and was known for having chubby cheeks. As I moved up through to secondary school, my self-esteem became a lot worse – I wore lots of baggy clothes to cover up and felt uncomfortable with my body.

“After our little girl was born in 2012, my confidence hit a real low point. I wouldn’t let my partner see me naked, I couldn’t bring myself to look in mirrors or go shopping for clothes. I became pregnant again the following year with twins but miscarried them at 18 weeks. It was such a heart-breaking experience and I turned to food as a comfort.

“It wasn’t until my daughter asked me to run in the parents’ race at her school sports day and I found myself making excuses, that I realised how significantly my weight had affected me and my family. My daughter had become fearful of being overweight and not wanting to look like me – knowing my experiences have had that effect on her was devastating. I knew I had to do something.

“I found The 1:1 Diet after a friend had lost weight successfully on the Plan and she inspired me to give it a go. I’m so pleased I did. Debbie, my consultant, has been my rock on this journey. Not only has she helped me lose close to three and a half stone, but she has also supported me through hard times during lockdown.

“Now I’m feeling more confident about my body I’m starting to go out more, and I’m looking forward to taking my daughter swimming now we are able to. I’m so grateful to The 1:1 Diet for helping me feel better and also letting me set a better example for my family.”