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Ray Sherali is flying high after losing seven stone

Ray Sherali, 47, knew he had an unhealthy relationship with food, not helped by a sedentary job as a bus driver at Lothian Buses in Scotland.

“I was working long hours and slid into a habit of not eating the right foods while on the go. I was eating lots of junk food and snacking throughout the day and the weight just seemed to pile on

“I knew I needed to do something and tried a few weight loss products, but nothing seemed to work. I saw a colleague at work cooking a Step Up meal from The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, which looked delicious. I asked him how he’d lost weight and how the Plan worked.

“My colleague, Andy Paterson, not only looked fitter and healthier, but it turned out he was a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet and so was his wife, Tracy. 

“I was at a stage in my life where I knew I had to do something, otherwise I would have serious health problems.

“Andy and Tracy explained about the Plan and all about the different Steps. We set up monthly meetings where I’d buy my weight loss products and have a weigh-in and chat about how I was getting on. This one-to-one contact was so important to me as I felt fully supported and not alone in my weight loss journey.

“The 1:1 Diet is easy and there was a vast array of tasty and convenient meal replacement products to try.

“My goal was to lose five stone, but I lost more than seven stone because I was so determined. I did most of the Plan on Step 2, moving up to Steps 3 or 4 as and when required.

 “What I hadn’t told my Consultants was my secret wish. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become a pilot, but because I was overweight - there’s a weight limit of 90 kg and I was 114.3 kg - I hadn’t been able to learn to fly.

“I’m now learning to fly a light aircraft, which is a dream and studying for my ground exams in the hope I will get my private pilot’s license. The training is intense, but I could never have done this when I was overweight.

“I feel fitter, healthier and have a new zest for life. I like to share my weight-loss journey with friends and colleagues to help them do the same as I get a lot of satisfaction from it.

“I moved home and I’m maintaining my weight with Consultant, Chiara Forrester. I still check in with her every month, which helps me remain focused. I also make sure I take regular exercise and eat a well-balanced diet. I’m a new man, and losing weight means I can do anything . . .  even fly a plane!”

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