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Raspberry and vanilla trifle

Another treat for the sweet-toothed and traditional pudding fans among you, you can now officially have Trifle while on The 1:1 Diet… just follow the steps below and indulge in this great British dessert delight!

Raspberry & vanilla trifle recipe

1. Add 1 serving of The 1:1 Diet Raspberry & Elderflower Water Flavouring to 1 serving of The 1:1 Diet Mix-a-Mousse and top with 1 litre of water. Mix well.

2. Pour some into a glass and chill (remember to leave room for more layers!)

3. Mix up a sachet of The 1:1 Diet Vanilla Flavour Shake with 1 serving of Mix-a-Mousse and 227ml of water

4. Add to the glass and chill

5. When set top with another layer of Raspberry & Elderflower mix

6. When that has set repeat with another layer of Vanilla mix

7. Tuck in!

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