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Over 46 million pounds is the cost of Covid-19 for Brits

The 1:1 Diet has conducted new research revealing that 3.3 million Brits have gained more than a stone in weight during the pandemic. Check out the infographic here to see all the stats!

The new research supports the Government’s recent commitment to obesity, as it looks to bring in initiatives to drive down UK figures.

It isn’t however all doom and gloom, as the study also revealed that the motivation to change our lives for the better is stronger than ever, with half of UK adults inspired by the coronavirus crisis to lose weight in order to become fitter and healthier.

Nutrition was a key focus for this, with two fifths of people keen to combat the effects of lockdown by adopting a healthier diet.

The younger generation are particularly affected, with one in 10 18 to24-year-olds experiencing the same weight gain.

Northern Ireland proved to be the most affected region across the UK, with 14 per cent of people putting on more than a stone - almost three times the UK average.

From more exercise to getting jobs done around the house, here are the top five things people wish they had done more of during lockdown:

  1. Exercised more (39 per cent)

  2. Lost more weight (35 per cent)

  3. Got more jobs done around the house (30 per cent)

  4. Made the most of my spare time (27 per cent)

  5. Learnt a new skill (24 per cent)

London, on the other hand, proved to be the most successful in making the most of the pandemic, with almost a third (31 per cent) trying a new diet and experiencing positive results.

The battle of genders revealed that men came out on top when it came to forming new positive habits, with 30 per cent of them finding it easier to do things such as healthy eating and exercise, compared with only 21 per cent of women.

It’s been much better news for those on Plan with The 1:1 Diet, however, with slimmers having lost an incredible 13.8 pounds on average since April, not being deterred by the struggles going on around them.

Mark Gilbert, Nutritionist at The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, said: “This uncertain time has been hard for many people, and our research shows that it’s not been kind on our health.

“It’s understandable that many have struggled. However it’s really promising to see so many people are going to be moving forwards as restrictions continue to lift, feeling motivated to lose weight and become fitter and healthier. Motivation is half the battle, but we know choosing the right diet plan and receiving the right support is crucial for successful and sustainable weight loss.

“September provides a great time for a fresh start, as children start to go back to school and businesses look to incorporate more office-based working.”

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