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Nutrition Showdown: After Dinner Mints vs The 1:1 Diet Choc Mint Bites

The popular after dinner mints are the definitive chocolate mint treat and we’ve been seeing their advertising every year, particularly around Christmas, for over half a century. So it made sense that we develop our own chocolate mint delight for when dieters want something that tastes a bit decadent. Of course, ours had to be formulated to contain all of the nutrients you need every day and minimise the bad stuff. What we came up with was Choc Mint Bites. They’re delicious and actually nutritious! So what will we discover if we compare the nutritional content of these two festive options?

Well, the popular after dinner mints aren’t actually very high in calories – only about 30 more calories than Choc Mint Bites per 55g serving, but that’s where the similarities end. Our Bites have less than half the sugar, half the carbs, twice as much fibre and over ten times more protein! They’re also lower in fat and saturated fat. Also, as with all of our meal replacement products, Choc Mint Bites have one third of your required intake of vitamins and minerals. So if you’re watching your waistline this holiday season and you want a tantalising minty chocolate treat, you can’t go wrong with our Choc Mint Bites! Check out the nutrition information of the two products below…


Nutrition Information Per Serving:

                                                               Choc Mint Bites (55g)                     After Dinner Mints (55g)

Calories:                                                              209                                                         238

Fat:                                                                       6.9g                                                        7.4g

of which Saturates:                                            3.5g                                                        4.2g

Carbohydrates:                                                  22.4g                                                      40.7g

of which Sugars:                                                15.5g                                                      36.5g

of which fibre:                                                    3.0g                                                        1.5g

Protein:                                                               14.6g                                                       1.2g

Salt:                                                                      0.5g                                                      <0.01g

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