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New Year’s resolution to lose weight

Gillian McCallum’s changed her shape so much since losing five-and-a-half stone with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan that people don’t recognise her!

“I’ve got two sisters, Lynsey and Fiona, and they kept getting asked if they had another sister apart from me, as people didn’t realise I was Gillian!” she said. Gillian, who is married to painter and decorator childhood sweetheart, Scott, not only looks like a new woman; she feels like one too.

“There were lots of things I didn’t feel comfortable doing with my children because of my size,” said Gillian, who is mum to Alyssa, 13, Noah, 12, Mason, eight, and Alexa, seven.
“I was missing out on so many memories. I would always sit in the background and wouldn’t go swimming with them. We hadn’t been on holiday for years and even doing something like helping out at their school was something I couldn’t face because of my weight.”

Gillian credits The 1:1 Diet and the constant one-to-one support from her award winning consultant, Sallyanne Lehrle, for helping her get her life back.

“I used to stay in the house and wouldn’t go to social occasions. I have two sisters and always felt like the big one. I remember going to a wedding and deleting all the photos they’d taken of the three of us because I was so embarrassed about my size.”

Gillian’s weight increased after each of her four pregnancies and, in Christmas 2017, she felt incredibly disheartened about previous attempts to lose weight.

“I decided to try The 1:1 Diet and was determined to give it 100 per cent when I signed up with Sallyanne,” she said. “In four months, following Step 1B, I’d reached my goal weight of eight stone 10 pounds.”

Gillian is ecstatic about losing weight and keeping it off: “My life is fantastic. I’d asked my husband if he minded me going on Plan with The 1:1 Diet as I knew I was taking away from the family budget which I felt selfish about.

“But we actually saved money with me being on Plan because we weren’t buying as much of the wrong foods.”