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What's It Like Being a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet?

Nafisa had no intentions of becoming a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, but thanks to lots of encouragement from her Sponsor, Jacqui Dempsey, she took the plunge. 

“I was so nervous when I first received all my Products. I didn’t think I could sell any of them. However, Jacqui reassured me I could it. I was passionate about the brand, had the knowledge from the training days and wanted to help people. Knowing Jacqui had my back gave me the confidence to get out there and she’s the reason I was able to grow my team so quickly.”

One of the many reasons Nafisa was named this year’s New Consultant of the Year is because of her dedication and passion to the company. Becoming a Consultant gave her a new lease of life. 

“I love helping people, but a few years ago I started to think that I was a bit of a pushover,” she said. “I gave too much, got nothing in return and was getting hurt. 

“I thought I needed to become more selfish. But that’s not me, I wouldn’t be happy living like that. However, with this job, the more people I help, the more successful I become. It’s totally win-win.”

Not only is being a Consultant a fulfilling career for Nafisa, it has also given her financial independence and freedom she’s never had before.

“I was working 8am to 6pm every Saturday and Sunday in Primark and rarely got to spend time with my children. Now, in half a day I earn more than what I was earning in a month at Primark. 

“I used to be so worried about money. If the kids asked to go to the cinema I would panic because we couldn’t afford it. We now regularly go to the cinema and days out.

“Last year I paid for us all to go on an all-inclusive holiday for 10 days. It gives me so much self-worth knowing that I can provide for my family while also being able to spend time with them.”

Although she seems it, Nafisa isn’t ‘superwoman’. She just had a great Sponsor who gave her the encouragement she needed, then she had the drive to improve her life for her and her family. It just shows what a little ambition and hard work can do. 

Top tips

  1. Lead the way – If you want your team to be successful, you need to lead by example. They will follow your shining method of what it takes to be a great Sponsor and this will follow down your generations.
  2. Look after everyone – We know that some people don’t need as much support as others, but try not to forget those little businesses in your team. You never know, you may have a potential Nafisa in your team. 
  3. Normalise sponsoring – Talk to all your clients about the business opportunity as soon as you meet them and talk about sponsoring in general conversation. If they then become accredited, sponsoring won’t seem so scary.