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Mum halves her dress size after Christmas party photos left her 'traumatised'

Seeing unflattering photos of herself at a work Christmas party left Lancashire-based mum-of-two Karen Beebee “traumatized” and led to her halving her dress size

Now, 55-year-old Karen is a successful Consultant with The 1:1 Diet and she recalls how losing an incredible six stone enabled her to rediscover her confidence and is now happy to pose for pictures.

Karen recalled: “After getting married and having children, my priorities changed from looking after myself, to being a mum and a nurse. Over the years, the weight crept on bit by bit, and I knew I was getting bigger but struggled to find motivation to lose the weight as I felt so insecure.

"I remember I had to squeeze into the dress I wore at a Christmas party, and I could barely breathe - I didn't even want to go. Everyone at the party was saying 'let's take photos!' and I hated it. I was traumatised when I saw the pictures, but it was what made me realise I needed to change.

“In December 2008, I weighed 15 stone and wore a size 24. When the new year came around, I knew it was time to lose the weight.

"After staring on Plan, I found my mood improved straight away and I had so much more energy - and I knew I'd never go back to being nearly 16 stone.

"I said I would never put the weight back on - and I haven’t. I feel so much more confident and happier within myself.

“While I’m no longer on Plan, I now focus on eating three healthy meals a day. I have also cut down on alcohol as I previously drank a couple of glasses every evening. In terms of staying active, I love taking my two energetic Labradors for walks twice a day!

"Since being on Plan and losing the weight, I left my job in nursing to become a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet, to help other people like me who are looking to lose weight and transform their life.

“I now look forward to attending events and parties, as I love shopping for different outfits to wear! Whereas before, I used to get an invitation and decline straight away because I knew I wouldn't fit into a dress.

"I don't shy away from the camera anymore and I love having pictures with friends and colleagues - and I've probably added 10 years to my life!”

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