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Michaela loses more than eight stone with the help of her Consultant

Advanced nurse practitioner, Michaela Nyanga, is celebrating her joint win of The 1:1 Diet Award with her Consultant, Charlotte Dodd, who has helped her lose more than eight stone.

Michaela, 44, has lost 8st 2lbs on Plan and Charlotte has given her essential one-to-one support from start to finish.

“I had been left scarred by an abusive relationship which left me emotionally and physically drained,” said Michaela. “My weight ballooned due to the pressure of all the court hearings and financial burden.”

Michaela loathed what she saw in the mirror.

“I had a terrible relationship with food. My ex-husband had drilled into me that I was repulsive, and I would never be able to meet anyone else if I left him.

“On several occasions, whether dining out or eating at home, he would pull the fork out of my mouth telling me that I’d had enough.

“He would control the amount of food I ate at home too and I often had to nip out and eat fast food or meal deals in my car. 

“I finally managed to leave the relationship, but due to a mountain of debt, I would eat cheap and unhealthy food, or some days go without to ensure my daughter ate.”

Michaela was working long hours, and doing 40 to 100 extra hours a month to get herself out of the financial mess she was in.

“I was completely lost,” she said.

“I knew I had to do something about my weight. I was only free from the financial burden of the divorce in December 2019,  I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I made contact with Charlotte around December 2019 and she booked me in for the first Monday in January , before the pandemic hit and I have never looked back.”

Michaela, who had been declined life insurance because of her weight, carried on Plan throughout the pandemic.

“Here I was with a teenage daughter to home school, having to care for people who had COVID, all leave cancelled and the fear of becoming ill and bringing the virus home,” she said.

“I was worried about how I was going to continue on Plan, keep my fitness going, receive products or be held to account. 

“Charlotte suggested I purchase some electronic scales, which I could link to my phone, and that we could share weigh-ins and still be accountable.”

Michaela also took part in online exercise classes.

“Not once during my time on Plan did I take a day off. I needed to be healthy for my daughter and reduce my own risk associated with obesity and COVID-19. 

“I managed to stick to Plan solidly due to Charlotte’s solid support throughout this pandemic. I now feel like my old self and I can look in the mirror and love who I am. I cannot thank Charlotte enough for being with me every step of the way. 

“I am now rebuilding my life and most importantly, I’ve become an inspiration for my daughter.”

Charlotte is thrilled at how far Michaela has come on her weight loss journey.

“When I first met Michaela she seemed very down and I wondered whether she could do it. She had a stressful job, was a single mum and seemed very fragile.

How wrong I was! In my three years as a Consultant, I’d never had anyone lose a significant amount of weight without having a day off.

She’s been an inspiration to me through watching Michaela’s journey and her losing weight.”Inspired by the business opportunity, Michaela joined Charlotte’s team as a Consultant in July, and started to grow her business within just a few weeks.

Michaela's transformation

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