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Lose Weight Well, not Lose Weight Fast

There have been various programmes and news articles both recently and over the years which have discussed how quickly diets can work and how much weight can be lost, such as, ‘how to lose weight in 21 days’ or ‘lose one stone’. 

The 1:1 Diet doesn’t put a timeline on weight loss, and dieters can be started at a wide range of calorie intakes, depending on what Plan works best for them. 

This is because we know each person responds differently and needs bespoke dietary advice, from healthy products, to meals or recipe planning - and that’s what we provide through personal support from a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet. 

Consultants will provide continual one-to-one support for anyone wanting to lose weight, whether it is only a few pounds or several stone, no matter how long it takes. 

One thing is clear though; effective weight loss can be achieved on low-calorie diets and there have been hundreds of clinical studies on 800 calories diets like these.

Just as importantly, studies have also shown that, following a meal replacement diet plan, alongside one-to-one support, people maintain their weight loss. Several studies have followed subjects for two and three years and these weight losses are broadly maintained in the long term.
The truth is, such weight loss diets are more than safe, they are highly effective.. Of the dozens of studies on our products and protocols, weight loss has ranged between about 10-20 kilograms, most of which happens in the first four weeks. 

The control groups, who get normal or gold standard NHS care for weight loss, only lose about one to three kilograms. That is a huge difference! Again, everyone responds differently, there are no guarantees and not everyone should be on 800 calories a day, but these are the averages, as reported from studies, conducted by dozens of scientists, from several universities, in multiple countries.

Furthermore, these studies have demonstrated reversal of diabetes in 46 to 61 per cent of subjects. The effect is so impressive that the NHS has initiated a pilot programme, with 5,000 diabetic patients, based upon the results. Other positive effects shown in studies are on cholesterol, blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea and more. 

For more than 36 years The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan has helped thousands of people in dozens of countries successfully lose weight – and most importantly maintain their weight loss thanks to individual diet plans, recipes and continual support from Consultants.

Our programme is entirely tailored to each person, with regular remote or face-to-face meetings with their very own personal diet Consultant. Fully trained and backed by our highly qualified in-house medical advisors, our network of more than 7,000 Consultants are there to guide dieters on their journey. They advise which step is most appropriate for the health and weight-loss goal of each individual, and however long it takes, they are there to support and motivate.

While viewers are undoubtedly right to challenge specific weight loss claims, when subjected to scientific scrutiny, low-calorie diets, when administered appropriately and monitored by trained individuals, are entirely legitimate, and have been shown to transform people’s lives for the better.  

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