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Lactose Free Tomato Flavour Soup vs Standard Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup. A comforting classic needing no introduction. A delicious snack or meal, there’s nothing bad about soup is there, it’s just tomatoes? When it comes to weight loss, it’s only a bowl of tomato soup, soup has to be healthy, right? Well, as with anything nutritional, this depends – let’s get into it…


When it comes to tomato soup, most people eat a full can per sitting. A full can comes in at around 200 calories, which is similar to one of our Meal Replacement Products. However, the two begin to differ when we unpack what nutritional information lies within the 200 calories of each.


Tomatoes are technically a fruit and although not high in sugar when they are raw, when they are cooked, much of the complex starch is broken down into sugars. This, coincided with the fact that a standard can of tomato soup contains added sugar already, means although fairly low in calories, it is deceivingly high in sugar. Eating high amounts of sugar is not the best idea when losing weight and can contribute to diabetes.

Nutritional info us vs Tomato Soup

Compare this standard can to our The 1:1 Diet Lactose Free Tomato Flavour Soup Meal Replacement Product and our version comes out on top on almost everything when it comes to nutritional information. Standard tomato soup contains over FOUR times the amount of sugar. Couple this with the fact that a standard can has two and a half times more fat! Alternatively, our Lactose Free Tomato Flavour Soup has less sugar, less fat and more protein, FOUR times more protein in fact! This helps keep you fuller for longer and allows the body to repair and regenerate more effectively. As well as this, when it comes to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) there really is no comparison. Our Lactose Free Tomato Flavour Soup is high in all essential vitamins and minerals, each low-calorie serving contains around one third of a person’s daily requirement compared to standard tomato soup which only contains vitamins A and C, and even that is dependent on how it’s cooked. Finally, ours is Lactose Free! It’s 100% dairy- free meaning any lactose intolerant tomato soup lovers – you’re covered!

So, which is healthier?

If your goal is weight loss and all-round good health, it’s a no brainer which soup is better for you. Also, more importantly, our soup is low in fat and sugar, but definitely isn’t low in taste! This isn’t a standard tomato soup bashing – it’s just highlighting how much better the new The 1:1 Diet Lactose Free Tomato Flavour Soup is when dieting!

Nutrition Information Per Serving:

The 1:1 Diet Lactose Free Tomato

                                          The 1:1 Tomato Soup                    Popular Tomato Soup (1 can)

Calories:                                             202                                          204

Fat:                                                      3.3g                                         8.6g

of which Saturates:                            0.7g                                         0.8g

Carbohydrates:                                    29g                                          27.2g

of which Sugars:                                4.3g                                         19.4g

of which fibre:                                     3.1g                                         2.6g

Protein:                                               13g                                          3.4g

Salt:                                                     2.0g                                         2.2g


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